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Key objectives for the 2021/22 academic year:

A. Quality of Education:

A1. All pupils will achieve high standards of attainment and achievement through effective teaching and learning strategies in order to reduce the number of children not achieving year group/key stage objectives, with a particular emphasis on groups of children who have previously low starting points or SEND.

A2. To ensure that high quality teaching and learning is evident in all foundation subjects (particularly the music curriculum and the computing curriculum).

A3. To embed Forest Schools activities in KS1 to build independence, self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning.

B. Behaviour and Attitudes:

B1. All members of staff will consistently apply the school behaviour management policy, based primarily on positive, proactive strategies.

B2. To ensure that behaviour at lunchtimes reflects the high standard of behaviour in classrooms.

C. Personal Development:

C1 To provide children with the knowledge, resources and opportunities to be mentally and emotionally healthy. To adopt and embed a whole school programme for emotional literacy.

C2 To ensure all children have a strong understanding of, and respect for, each other’s differences. To ensure that books, resources, images used in lessons, displays and assemblies reflect a range of ethnicities, abilities and diverse family groups.

D. Leadership and Management:

D1. Leaders and governors will build links and restore engagement with the parent body post Covid

D2. Leaders will ensure that the performance management process and ongoing monitoring activities quickly identify where staff development is needed.

D3. New designated teacher will be trained and supported to do her role effectively.

D4. To ensure that the school is fully inclusive for all children and adults.









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