PE and Sports at Alverstoke Infant School

Autumn Term 2018-2019

Inter schools competitions

The Autumn term has seen our first competition within our cluster of schools. Held at Alverstoke Infant School, the multi skills festival for Year 1 saw children competing using skills such as balance, bowling, bean bag throwing, running and jumping.  The next one is due at the end of January at Elson Infants where we will have the opportunity to participate in a ‘Spikeball’ competition.

PE lessons

All classes have twice-weekly PE lessons which, last term, included gymnastics, dance, balance bike training, parachute games, multi skills and early years agility. Every class has participated in a daily active session including skipping, the daily run and wake and shake. Watch out in the new year for new playground markings to support physical activity. Year groups have planned active maths sessions where learning has been taken out of the classroom and delivered in a more active way.

Our PE curriculum is supported by Vanessa King who is our highly skilled PE specialist teacher and this term she has delivered sessions in Year 2 and Year R. We continue to provide after school sports clubs which include ballet, tennis and football.   Next term we start our spikeball club for Year 2 and this will be delivered by Vanessa King on a Wednesday after school.

sports blogPE and Sports at Alverstoke School 2018 – 2019

2018/19 saw Alverstoke playing an active role in our cluster of schools. All year groups attended festivals, which have included multi skills, tennis, spikeball and gymnastics. The children have represented the school well demonstrating their teamwork, resilience and motivation to demonstrate their competitive spirit and skills gained within school.

On a day to day basis, children have engaged and progressed in twice-weekly PE lessons as well as remaining active throughout the day. We promote active lifestyles by offering our children wake and shake sessions, daily run and active lunchtimes. We are proud of how our children have really challenged themselves this year to improve their fitness through the daily run on our playground track.

Our annual sports day proved to be as popular as ever with children participating in team challenges. This year the theme was “Women’s Football World Cup” and saw countries competing to gain points and earn a medal. This year we also ran the finals of the running races following the heats within the previous week. Another hot one but a great turn out to support the children.

A good attendance to all our extra curriculum sports club with 2 sessions of football, tennis, and ballet with external coaches and spikeball and fun club with Vanessa King. Next year we hope to offer these as well as a gymnastics club.

Have a great summer holiday and keep active J