As an outstanding school, we are constantly striving to maintain our high standards and to make improvements wherever we can. Each year the school uses a self-evaluation process to identify a number of key improvement priorities for each academic year. In 2020-2021 the school has identified the following key priorities:

Key Objective 1a: The Quality of Education: To rapidly assess and identify gaps in learning and deliver effective interventions using catch up funding so that gaps between the attainments of pupils are diminished

Why do we want to do this?    Due to the current pandemic, education for many children has been disrupted for differing amounts of time.  Home learning for children has been varied and inconsistent for some, resulting in gaps in education and key skills.  Government catch up funding has been provided to support all children in closing the gaps in their education.

Planned impact on attainment: As a result of a well-planned and delivered intervention programme, coupled with high quality first teaching, children make accelerated progress so that most are at ARE levels by the end of the year. 

Key Objective 1b: The Quality of Education: Teaching is responsive to the needs of different groups of learners, ensuring that all children make good progress from starting points

Why do we want to do this?  Previous year's LLP observations found that some children were disengaged as a result of whole class teaching being pitched too high or low for specific individuals, and a lack of flexible groupings and responsive teaching.

Planned impact on attainment: Children are more engaged in their learning, resulting in progress in attainment for all.

Key Objective 2: Personal Development: To continue to develop (and subsequently evaluate) a PDL programme to meet the statutory requirement to teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Why do we want to do this?  To ensure that new statutory guidance is successfull adhered to and there is clear curriculum coverage of all aspects of PDL and SMSC.

Planned impact on attainment:  School will meet the Ofsted outstanding grade descriptors for Behaviour and Attutides, and Personal Development.

Key Objective 3: Leadership and management: To increase the impact that senior leaders, middle leaders and governors have on improving the quality of education and staff well-being

Why do we want to do this?   We have an acting deputy headteacher/SENDCo and three UPR teachers who are able to add capacity to the quality of our teaching and learning. Current issues relating to coronavirus and government policy are creating additional pressures on workforce.

Planned impact on attainment: School will meet the Ofsted oustanding grade descriptor for Leadership and Management. Staff well-being will remain a priority for the school.

Key Objective 4: Early years' education: To become familiar with the revised EYFS as early adopters of this new curriculum 

Why do we want to do this?   This will be updated when the new curriculum comes on line.