Alverstoke Infant School

Work Play Share Care

Year R

BumbleBees:  Miss White & Miss West

Dragonflies:  Mrs Dawson & Mrs Clist

What does our learning look like?

0850 School day starts with a morning task linked to current learning

0900 Register closes

0915 Activate – whole body exercises combined with fine motor activities

0930 Phonics – whole class input

1000 Busy Bee – Children’s independent learning through play

1115 Maths – whole class input

1140 Lunch

1250 Circle time/register

1300 Busy Bee/PE

1430 Assembly/ Story time

1500 Home time


Outdoor PE is on a Thursday – please send your child in leggings/tracksuit trousers, trainers & school uniform on the top

Library day is Friday


How can you support your child at home?

Sharing their reading book

Practising their phonics, letter formation and keywords

Talking about their learning in school

Encouraging independent thinking through problem solving and decision making

Developing their self-help skills – such as dressing and toileting

Year 1
Ladybirds:  Mrs Wilson/Mrs Carter & Mrs Neal

Grasshoppers:  Mrs Bainbridge & Mrs Allen-Scholey/Mrs Panther



It is important that your child arrives on time because children have an activity to undertake which supports their learning for the day.

During the day the children will participate in:

Activate – exercise to get ready for learning.

  • Whole class, teacher led activities – phonic, maths, reading and writing etc.
  • Group activities – teacher led, adult supported, independent
  • Star time – child initiated activities linked to topic and current learning. It is an opportunity for the children to solve problems, make decisions and demonstrate independence.
  • Topic related activities e.g. science, art, geography.
  • Circle time – whole class time to develop personal, social, speaking and listening skills.
  • PE – please leave PE bags at school all week. Outdoor PE is on a Thursday.  Please send your child into school in leggings/tracksuit trousers, trainers and school uniform on the top.

How to help your child…

  • Please ask your child about their day in school.
  • Please read for at least 5 minutes nightly and sign their reading diary.
  • Look at newsletter for ways to support each topic.
  • ‘Why not try’ activities.
  • Practise correct letter formation and handwriting.

Library day – Wednesday

Outdoor PE Day – Thursday

Year 2

Butterflies: Mrs Obsorn & Mrs McEwan/Mrs Righini-Nesbit/Mr Mullett

Caterpillars: Mrs Griffiths & Miss Green/Miss Edwards

Helping at home

You can help your child at home by ensuring you read as often as possible, practise number bonds, counting on in multiples and also practising spelling keywords.


Please remember to bring your water bottles in on a Monday.

Library day will be confirmed.

PE kits need to be in school at all times. Outdoor PE day is on a Tuesday.  Please send your child into school in leggings/tracksuit trousers, trainers and school uniform on the top.

Thank you for your continuing support.