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We have a very committed Governing Body which includes parents in its membership. The role of the school governors at Alverstoke Infant School is:

  • To help in the strategic planning of the school – This means helping with the decision making process, approving the annual School Improvement Plan and allied budget plan, setting policies and appointing the Head Teacher.
  • To secure accountability – This involves reporting on performance against targets set, hearing appeals, dealing with general complaints, conducting the Head’s appraisal and setting the Head’s salary range.
  • To act as a critical friend – This involves supporting, monitoring, evaluating and challenging the running of the school.
  • The whole governing body meet on a monthly basis, with some meetings being specifically focused on areas, such as finance, resources, health & safety and curriculum.
  • If you have suggestions for the Governing Body please email: Suggestions will be considered at the next Full Governing Body meeting.

10 Facts About the Governing Body

Governor’s Details

Name Category Appointed by Term of Office(no. of years and date) Committee Membership Responsibilities
Susan Hamilton Co-opted Governing Body 4 25/11/2022  

Chair of Governors                                                              Development & Training Governor (DTG)

Steph Greenwood Headteacher          
Sharon White Acting Deputy Headteacher/SENDCo Governing Body 4 24/01/2025    
Heidi Allen Parent Governor Parents 4 14/10/2024   Year 1 Pupil Progress 
Philip Bull Parent Governor Parents 4 14/10/2024  

ICT Governor                                                                                    Year 2 Pupil Progress 

Karen Dawson Staff Staff 4 23/09/2020    
Laura Millyard Co-opted Governor Governing Body 4 18/10/2024   Governor Forum Rep                                                                              EYFS & Pupil Premium
Charley Mills Co-opted Governing Body 4 15/07/2022 Headteacher’s Performance Review Panel Chair of Headteacher’s Performance Review Panel
Safeguarding Governor                                                                          Year R Pupil Progress
Nicola Pendleton Co-opted Governor Governing Body 4 23/06/2023 Pay Committee

Vice Chair                                                                                        Chair of Pay Committee                                                                SEND Governor                                                                            Health & Safety Governor                                 

Colin Tuck Authority Governing Body 4 07/07/2023   (Resigned 27/01/2021) Pay Committee
Zoe Rawlings Co-opted Governor Governing Body 4 20/10/2023
(Resigned 25/01/2021)
Diane McEwan Co-opted Governing Body 4 04/02/2023
(Resigned 14/12/2020)
Adam Robson Parent Parents 4 22/11/2022
(Resigned 13/09/2020)
  Pupil Premium Governor
Pupil Progress Year R
Gareth Davis Parent Parents 4 07/11/2021
(Resigned 17/08/2020)
Headteacher’s Performance Review Panel Data Protection Governor
Justine Williams Co-opted Governing Body 4 17/12/2022
(Resigned 15/06/2020)
  Pupil Progress Year 2
Joseph Winch Co-opted Governor Governing Body 4 20/10/2023
(Resigned 27/01/2020)
  Development & Training Governor (DTG)
Pupil Progress Year 1


Register of Governors’ Pecuniary Interests


Name of Business, including:

  • Governor elsewhere (include school name)
  • Related/married to member of staff (include staff name)
  • Employed at school
Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Aquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
Heidi Allen Nil         20/10/2020
Philip Bull Nil         20/10/2020
Karen Dawson Employed Alverstoke Infant School         23/09/2020
Steph Greenwood Headteacher Alverstoke Infant School
Crofton School
Education Governor     23/09/2020
Sharon White Acting Deputy Headteacher Education Governor     23/09/2020
Susan Hamilton Employed by GFM Education/MAT Executive     23/09/2020
Charley Mills Employed by HCC Outdoor Education/PE Team Manager     23/09/2020
Laura Millyard Nil         20/10/2020
Nicola Pendleton Nil         25/09/2020
Colin Tuck Nil         20/10/2020 (Resigned 27/01/2021)
Zoe Rawlings Spouse is Governor at Peel Common Junior School Education       03/12/2019 (Resigned 25/01/2021)
Diane McEwan Employed Alverstoke Infant School         23/09/2020 (Resigned 14/01/2020)
Gareth Davis Alverstoke C of E Junior School
Hampshire Children & Young People Select Committee
Education Parent Governor
Co-opted Governor
(Resigned 17/08/2020)
Joseph Winch Nil         21/10/2019
(Resigned 22/01/2020)
Justine Williams Nil         30/04/2019
(Resigned 15/06/2020)
Adam Robson Nil         21/10/2019
(Resigned 13/09/2020)


Governor Attendance for Academic Year 2019/2020

(Please note monthly FGB meetings held, therefore no committees)


Governor Name No. of Meetings No. Attended % Attendance
Susan Hamilton 9 8 88.9
Gareth Davis 9 6 75
Karen Dawson 9 8 88.9
Diane McEwan 9 9 100
Charley Mills 9 9 100
Nicola Pendleton 9 8 88.9
Zoe Rawlings** 7 3 42.9
Adam Robson 9 2 22.2
Colin Tuck 9 7 77.8
Justine Williams 8 1 12.5
Joseph Winch 3 2 75

* Governor resigned from office during 2019/2020
** Governor appointed during 2019/2020